Specialized Recruitment

You can spend months interviewing the Wrong Candidates or one hour interviewing the Right Candidate!

As a Management and Recruitment Consulting firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand your business and identify the qualities you need in your workforce. We use our screening process to develop personalized tools that filter out candidates who are less than an ideal match to your criteria.

Benefits of Our Recruitment Methods

Today's best employees are far too busy to actively seek other employment opportunities, and as a result, your advertising efforts are only reaching a small fragment of the talent pool. We provide creative and innovative approaches to complement your recruitment efforts. We are recognized for our professionalism and our efficient recruitment process, and these traits ensure that we consistently match great employers with exceptional staff.

While many recruitment companies put great efforts into developing the skill sets of the candidates that approach them, we put our efforts into finding candidates who already have these skills.

Our Recruitment Approach

We maintain a database of more than 20,000 quality candidates, and this number increases daily through our networking efforts. In addition to these established contacts, we are able to identify the key players in your industry who would be able to meet or exceed the expectations of your team.

Focusing on the aspirations and ambitions of candidates we choose to work with, we take a strategic approach to matching those traits to your required qualifications, creating more than placements but rather introducing your organization to those who will make a bottom line difference to the success of your operations.

With ever-increasing connections to both localized and international advertising mediums, we can attract qualified candidates from Red Deer to Dubai. Whether you are looking for senior executives, seasoned management, top sales producers or innovative engineers our network of potential employees is far-reaching and our efforts are results-oriented.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our clients find they save money, time and hassle by leaving the entire recruitment process to us. CMS has an excellent track record as in-house recruiters for projects of all sizes, from additional workforce to meet deadlines to ongoing growth, CMS can manage the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment on a project or ongoing basis.

RPO serves many benefits including a controlled cost per hire, improved administrative performance from your HR team who can do their jobs instead of just recruiting and provide expert insight into your recruitment functions. You won't need to contact recruiting agencies in Vancouver or headhunters in Edmonton to find your perfect employee for head or satellite offices. As North American recruitment experts we can also help you expand your business into new regions through our innovative marketing strategies, employer branding and our existing network.

By working on-site, CMS' Recruitment Specialists are able to immerse themselves into your corporate culture and source the way you would source. Our overall expertise in recruitment gives us the insight to identify which candidates will make long-term additions to your workforce while your HR team stays focused on the rest of their responsibilities.

Imagine how streamlined your business could be if you could scale up and scale down your recruitment department as needs come and go!


Please Contact Us for more information on how CMS Management Consulting can assist with any of your specialized recruitment needs.